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Single Mom Globetrotter: My Story

I’m a single mom on a mission!

When I was eighteen years old I saw the movie Only You, and thus began my lifelong obsession with Italy. I remember being transfixed watching Marisa Tomei’s face as she took in the glory of Venice for the first time, and thinking; “One day that will be me!”

Years passed, life happened. I married my high-school sweetheart and settled into an “normal” American life, letting my dreams of seeing the world slowly fade. Life was hard, bills went unpaid, our home got foreclosed on, we had three kids… dreams seemed selfish and ridiculous.

In 2008 my world collapsed in an instant when I discovered my husband was having an affair. Our twin girls were just a year old and our son was five, and overnight I became a single mom. I’d been a stay-at-home mom for several years and found myself suddenly with nothing, and no way to even provide for my children.

Sarah Centrella's children, #singlemomglobetrotter #SanFrancisco
My babies on our first road trip to San Francisco 2009

But someplace deep inside me hope began to replace helplessness and I became determined to create a new life. One that would not only take care of my children but teach them how to THRIVE. It was a tough go, I’m not going to lie. You can checkout my personal bog which I began during this time, for more on how I turned my life around Thoughts.Stories.Life. 

Fast forward a few years and I’m finding ways to travel with my kids; road trips at first, but little by little finding ways to take my son to Hawaii, then our whole family to Disneyland, and then to Washington DC, and in 2015 New York City. See travel has always been the thing that makes my soul free. That makes me grateful, and brings joy that tickles my insides. So sharing that with my children is not a luxury for me, it’s a necessity.

Sarah Centrella's children, #singlemomglobetrotter #cinqueterre #Italy
My not-so-little babies in Cinque Terre Italy, 2016

Still my dream of going to Italy seemed impossible. How could I, a single mom make such an insane dream come true? Well, as it happens I’ve learned over the past eight years how to manifest some pretty incredible dreams, even writing a bestselling book on how anyone can do the same called Hustle Believe Receive. So I knew that if I applied my #HBRMethod I could make even this “impossible dream” come true.

It was October 3, 2016 when my kids and I landed in Venice for 16 days that would change my life. This is our journey.

My dream for this blog is to inspire women and families to travel with their kids, and especially single moms. I think travel is something most of us have been taught is a luxury, and it’s usually the first thing to go if your on a budget. It’s something that few single moms I know could dream of doing with their kids, but would love to if given the chance. So then let me show you! Let me share our journey in hopes that it will spark a flame inside you, and give you the confidence to take that trip with your kids! To show them what is great and wonderful about our world.

I’ll share our personal travel stories here; my tips for what makes a great trip, my ideas on how to travel with kids on a budget yet still feel like a rock star! I’ll let you know what works and what didn’t. I’ll be honest to a fault! I’ll share my favorite things and my original photography. And I promise that if you reach out to me, I’ll respond 🙂

So lets discover something beautiful together!

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Sarah Centrella and children, #singlemomglobetrotter #venice #Italy #travelblog
Our little family in Venice 2016

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