Rose Dreams At Archer Vineyard

I LOVE Rose. I mean even before it was “cool” I loved it. Back when I worked in restaurants, and tried to push a cold glass on stuffy chicks in their forties who wore too much make-up, and turned down their noses at me. They’d say; “Oh gowwwd! I don’t drink that! It’s too sweat! Give me a Kendal Jackson Chardonnay.” Everyone thought it was White Zinfandel, but I knew better.

A good rose is dry and crisp, and taste like Pinot Gris (because many are made from those grapes), but its PINK! (The pink color comes from allowing the wine to keep contact with the skin for a period of time, giving it that beautiful blush color). What’s better than that?

I’ll tell you what, going to the vineyard and getting a behind the scenes tour on bottling day. Meeting the winemaker and getting to sample the very first bottle off the assembly line. That’s what! And this is exactly what I was fortunate enough to do on March 27th at Archer Vineyard. I’ve always wanted to be part of a special day like this, having been a life-long wine lover. I even tried to book our Italy trip last fall around harvest in Tuscany so we could take part in that incredible tradition (sadly we missed it).

Here’s a few photos from my afternoon at Archer, getting a look inside the process of bottling 2016 Rose and Tempranillo.

PS> I’m so fortunate that Archer has graciously sponsored my upcoming Empowered Ladies Social Dinner, so if you’re able to come, you’ll be having this very Rose!

Archer Vineyard Winemaker Jim Sanders


bottling Rose