Portland's Harlow Restaurant isn't Just for Vegan's

Portland’s Harlow Restaurant isn’t Just for Vegan’s

Portland’s Harlow Restaurant isn’t Just for Vegan’s

I was raised vegan, and as such I have not jumped on the; “oh I’m a vegan!” train. When you grow up eating only the food you grow on your rural Oregon farm, and when your parents are among the first to turn cashew’s into milk in a blender, you just don’t think it’s as cool as everyone’s making it out to be these days.

Portland's Harlow Restaurant isn't Just for Vegan's

Plus, growing up our food was NOT delicious. Much of it was an experiment. Both of my parents were raised traditionally eating meat and whatever they liked, they’d become vegans because they believed it was the “right” way to raise us kids. So, they were always trying to make dishes that reminded them of meet, and let’s just say it was no Gardenburger. Continue reading “Portland’s Harlow Restaurant isn’t Just for Vegan’s”

Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe

Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe in Pearl District

Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe in Pearl District

Best breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland is at Byways Cafe in the Pearl District.

I’m a HUGE fan of breakfast and brunch, especially on a late Saturday or Sunday morning. Nothing else seems to hit that spot for me, and it’s been that way since I began waiting tables at a breakfast joint my sophomore year in high school.

There’s just something about a cup of piping hot coffee, breakfast potatoes and cheesy eggs that I adore. I first discovered Byway’s Cafe years ago, after I was got married in 2000. My then husband and I would

come on a Sunday morning, wait in line for a seat at the vintage counter, or in a  small booth and enjoy a classic American breakfast. I rediscovered it a few weeks ago with my friend Jackie, and remembered why I loved it so much back then.

It’s cozy, inviting, unassuming and the food is genuinely delicious.  Continue reading “Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe in Pearl District”

Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours #singlemomglobetrotter

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Table to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving from our tables to yours! 

I have always loved Thanksgiving, it’s the last pure holiday, and that makes it even more special. I love cooking with my kids and expanding on our family traditions each year. This year dinner preparations began on Wednesday with each of us stepping into our traditional roles. Kanen peels the yams and apples. Izzy snaps the green beans and cuts the Brussels sprouts, and Mira makes the cranberry sauce. It’s my favorite time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours #singlemomglobetrotter
End results… I must say, I think this was our best one yet!

I thought I’d share some photos from our dinner, I’d be happy to share the recipes too if you’d like just leave in comments. So from my little family to yours, we send you the best of wishes for a blessed holiday season.  Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving From Our Table to Yours”

Thanksgiving Apple Pie #SingleMomGlobetrotter

Classic Thanksgiving Apple Pie

Classic Thanksgiving Apple Pie #SingleMomGlobetrotter

Delicious Classic Thanksgiving Apple Pie recipe. This is my favorite time of year, and besides Christmas my FAVORITE holiday.

I’ve been perfecting this recipe for homemade apple pie since I was nine years old. Back then my parents had pretty strict rules on what we could eat; so there was honey instead of sugar, and no butter. Lets just say that this version is a bit less healthy, but it sure taste WAY better!

I absolutely LOVE sharing these recipes with my kids, and watching them enjoy cooking as much as I always have. Each year we step into our traditions with more enthusiasm, each of us taking on our roles in the preparation of our favorite dinner of the year. Thanksgiving was the only holiday I celebrated as a child, so it’s always been very special. And what could be better than a holiday dedicated to cooking with your family!?

This apple pie is simple but delicious and turns out perfectly every time. I’m also including my recipe for flakey pie crust. You’ll need to double it for this recipe, as one portion will go on top, and the other on bottom.

I try to use Organic ingredients whenever possible, especially the apples, the flavor of Organic food is so much richer, not to mention so much better for you. 
Continue reading “Classic Thanksgiving Apple Pie”

Authentic Italian Bolognese Sauce #SingleMomGlobeTrotter

Authentic Italian Bolognese Sauce -Tuscan Style

Authentic Italian Bolognese Sauce #SingleMomGlobeTrotter
Our little menus and ingredients for Bolognese at our cooking lesson in Tuscany.

One of our most memorable experiences in Tuscany was the night we cooked a five-course meal, taught by a local chef, Alessandra. I was most excited to learn how to make authentic Italian Bolognese Sauce, Tuscan style. 

My twins Mira and Izzy love to cook and they were transfixed by Alessandra, hearing her stories in broken English, and learning how the recipes she taught us had been passed down for generations in her family.

We made Bruschetta with olive tamponade for an appetizer, stuffed eggplant, roasted red-pepper salad, hand-made pasta (with just flour and egg!) topped with our Bolognese sauce, and Tiramisu for desert!

It was a five hour cooking lesson, but worth every minute to learn the true authentic ways of Tuscan cooking, especially this Italian staple.

I’ve made the sauce a few times, and each time mixed a few ingredients from other authentic recipes experimenting, until I found the perfect combination that taste just like our pasta in Italy!


This sauce is actually pretty easy to make but takes A LONG time to cook! I simmered mine for four hours, Alessandra said it needs a minimum of three hours, so you might want to start this on the stove and then move it to a low-heat crockpot.

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