Holiday Traditions: Christmas Tree Farm #SingleMomGlobetrotter

Holiday Traditions: Christmas Tree Farm

Holiday traditions at the Christmas tree farm. Every year my kids and I head to the country to cut down our tree, its one of my favorite rituals of the holiday season.

For the past few years we’ve gone to Helvatia Tree and Lavender Farm in the beautiful countryside west of Portland Oregon. It’s nestled between rolling hills, overlooking surrounded by farmland and grazing Β alpacas. Yesterday the parking lot overflowed with urban yuppies in Hunter rain boots and flannel shirts, toting babies bundled like snowmen. The paths were muddy, and the fake snow was twirling through the air over delighted toddlers. It smelled of pin and sawdust, and every few minutes you’d hear the sound of a chainsaw trimming the bottom of a tree.

Holiday Traditions: Christmas Tree Farm #SingleMomGlobetrotter


Kanen, being the man of the house, grabbed a hand-saw and tarp to kneel on and we set out in search of our perfect tree. Izzy spotted it first, spinning with delight in her bright red cap that we’d picked up from a street vendor in Venice. It was perfect. It took all three of them to get it down, but we did it!

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