Portland's Harlow Restaurant isn't Just for Vegan's

Portland’s Harlow Restaurant isn’t Just for Vegan’s

Portland’s Harlow Restaurant isn’t Just for Vegan’s

I was raised vegan, and as such I have not jumped on the; “oh I’m a vegan!” train. When you grow up eating only the food you grow on your rural Oregon farm, and when your parents are among the first to turn cashew’s into milk in a blender, you just don’t think it’s as cool as everyone’s making it out to be these days.

Portland's Harlow Restaurant isn't Just for Vegan's

Plus, growing up our food was NOT delicious. Much of it was an experiment. Both of my parents were raised traditionally eating meat and whatever they liked, they’d become vegans because they believed it was the “right” way to raise us kids. So, they were always trying to make dishes that reminded them of meet, and let’s just say it was no Gardenburger. Continue reading “Portland’s Harlow Restaurant isn’t Just for Vegan’s”

Oregon Farms

Fall in Oregon Means its Time to Head to the Pumpkin Patch

Fall in Oregon Means its Time to Head to the Pumpkin Patch.

Oregon farms

Yesterday I took an impromptu drive outside of Portland to Oregon Heritage Farms about 30 minutes outside the city. It’s a beautiful little drive through rolling farmland, dotted with picturesque farms, vineyards and fruit orchards. It’s incredible how much this area has matured and “yuppie-fied” in the last fifteen years, but that’s fine by me! I am after all, a sucker for a picture perfect farm, complete with red barns, hay, grain silos and fresh fruit.

I stopped to grab some fresh apples from their market which is (open daily from 9-5), and wandered around the grounds with my camera snapping away on a perfect fall afternoon. This would be a great farm to come with your kids to pick a pumpkin, or attempt the ropes course, while eating a camel covered apple the size of a mini-basketball. I will definitely be back with my kids!

Enjoy these photos, it’s a glimpse into how great fall in Oregon really is. Continue reading “Fall in Oregon Means its Time to Head to the Pumpkin Patch”

Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe

Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe in Pearl District

Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe in Pearl District

Best breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland is at Byways Cafe in the Pearl District.

I’m a HUGE fan of breakfast and brunch, especially on a late Saturday or Sunday morning. Nothing else seems to hit that spot for me, and it’s been that way since I began waiting tables at a breakfast joint my sophomore year in high school.

There’s just something about a cup of piping hot coffee, breakfast potatoes and cheesy eggs that I adore. I first discovered Byway’s Cafe years ago, after I was got married in 2000. My then husband and I would

come on a Sunday morning, wait in line for a seat at the vintage counter, or in a Β small booth and enjoy a classic American breakfast. I rediscovered it a few weeks ago with my friend Jackie, and remembered why I loved it so much back then.

It’s cozy, inviting, unassuming and the food is genuinely delicious.Β  Continue reading “Best Breakfast and Bloody Mary in Portland, Byways Cafe in Pearl District”

Besaw’s a Portland Brunch Favorite Disappoints

Besaw's Portland
Photo cred @besaws

As a native Portlander Besaw’s has been a brunch staple of mine for the past seventeen plus years. It was the spot I always took out-of-town guests to show them how “cool” Portland is. In their former location on NW 23rd street, you felt as if you were coming home each time you walked into the crowded little restaurant; put your name on the list, grabbed a cup of coffee from the cart and proceeded to stand on the sidewalk for up to an hour, waiting for a table on a busy Saturday morning.

The original location was a Portland icon for 112 years. It felt homey, smelled heavenly and the food was to-die-for! But sadly they were forced to move locations after the landlord decided to redevelop the property. I’ve been to their new spot at 1545 NW 21st Ave, three times since it re-opened, and I’m sorry to say that every time I’ve been extremelyΒ disappointed.Β  Continue reading “Besaw’s a Portland Brunch Favorite Disappoints”

Archer Vineyard Winemakers Dinner

The gods must have been smiling down on Saj and Pauline Jivanjee, owners of Archer Vineyard yesterday, delivering the perfect evening sunset for their first annual winemakers dinner. The sunny afternoon was a welcome break in our long and rainy Oregon winter, making the patio an ideal spot to start the evening with a glass of their 2015 Estate Pinot gris.


We watched the sun dip behind the pines and illuminate the vineyard before heading into the winery for a private dinner prepared by chef Christopher Czarnecki. There’s just something so magical about being on the floor of a winery, standing among enormous stainless steel fermentation vats, holding a glass of wine carefully crafted in the same room. It’s an enchanted setting to enjoy a delicious five-course dinner paired with some incredible wines. Continue reading “Archer Vineyard Winemakers Dinner”

Rose Dreams At Archer Vineyard

I LOVE Rose. I mean even before it was “cool” I loved it. Back when I worked in restaurants, and tried to push a cold glass on stuffy chicks in their forties who wore too much make-up, and turned down their noses at me. They’d say; “Oh gowwwd! I don’t drink that! It’s too sweat! Give me a Kendal Jackson Chardonnay.” Everyone thought it was White Zinfandel, but I knew better.

A good rose is dry and crisp, and taste like Pinot Gris (because many are made from those grapes), but its PINK! (The pink color comes from allowing the wine to keep contact with the skin for a period of time, giving it that beautiful blush color). What’s better than that?

I’ll tell you what, going to the vineyard and getting a behind the scenes tour on bottling day. Meeting the winemaker and getting to sample the very first bottle off the assembly line. That’s what! And this is exactly what I was fortunate enough to do on March 27th at Archer Vineyard. I’ve always wanted to be part of a special day like this, having been a life-long wine lover. I even tried to book our Italy trip last fall around harvest in Tuscany so we could take part in that incredible tradition (sadly we missed it). Continue reading “Rose Dreams At Archer Vineyard”

Portland Snow Day!

Portland Snow storm #SingleMomGlobetrotter
Rover: “Hmmm this does not look normal”

Happy New Year! And what a great way to get 2017 started, with a surprise snow storm in my home town of Portland Oregon.

If you’ve never been to Oregon, the stereotypes are normally dead on, in that it rains A LOT. But this year has been off the norms across the board. Summer was 90-100 degrees on a regular basis, fall was warm and dry, and now winter is throwing us all for a loop with several snow and ice storms in a row. It’s been about a month of this on and off snow/ice situation that has shut the city (and schools, sigh) down much of December and several days already in the New Year. Continue reading “Portland Snow Day!”